I decided to go vegan on my birthday in March.  It lasted about 3 months.  I still try to eat as “plant-based” as I can, however, sometimes Andy Husbands opens up a BBQ joint and you have to get down with the meat.

We arrived around six on Sunday night to Smoke Shop located in Kendall Square.  It’s a great location with an open layout and from where we sat we could watch the food being expedited – those folks hustle.

We started with Grams B&B Pickles and the New Style Deviled Egg.  The pickles were, indeed, just like my grandmother used to make.  A statement that surprised my boyfriend, as he’d never known anyone to actually MAKE pickles.  The deviled egg came as a sort of deconstructed BLT AND THE BACON TASTED SO GOOD IT MADE ME LAUGH.  I’m not kidding.  Andy came by the table at this time and I asked if I could have a package or two for Sunday brunch purposes.  He said, not yet….  so fingers crossed for Smoke Shop bacon coming soon to a store near you.  He also sent out his chicken wings called The Best Bar Wings.  My boyfriend is a wing aficionado and said “these are really fucking good.”

For dinner we tackled the 3 meats and 3 sides platter.  For meats we chose the 1st Place Ribs, the brisket and the burnt ends.  Sweet mother of meat they were amazing.  The standout was the brisket that you couldn’t even pick up with a fork it was so tender.  Our sides were cornbread, slaw, and the greens, all did not disappoint.  We washed it all down with a few Miller High Lifes, because all BBQ is better with the champagne of beers.

As we were contemplating rolling our full bellies out of the restaurant, Andy showed up with some desert including a delicious St Louis Gooey Cake and a rice crispy treat made with FRUITY PEBBLES.  Yes, fruity pebbles, this is not a drill.

I’m still full.