I have done many things to forward my spiritual journey in this life.  I’m of the mind that I’ll try anything if it gives me value, teaches me something about myself, or enables me to identify why I’m such a bitch sometimes.  Believe it or not, Tarot has helped me more than anything.  Well, I’m excluding my professional psychiatric team, but I digress..

Tarot is defined as a deck of 78 card, each possessing a pictogram and a title that represents a specific concept or archetype.  The belief being that whatever cards are dealt to the participant will be revelatory.

Can you get a book on Tarot and read your own cards?  Sure.  Do I recommend doing it?  Nope.  The woman who reads my Tarot is a Witch.  This does not mean she rides a broom, this means she is a practicing Wiccan.  This is the same thing as being a practicing Catholic or a Buddist.  She found great comfort in this religion and has practiced ever since.  Is she a psychic?  Nope.  Does she read my future?  Nope.  Has she enabled me to see how the past and the present have combined to give me the tools to SEE my future?  Absolutely.

So…  here’s an example.  One of my first readings was during a really tough time in my life.  I was undiagnosed and miserable.  I was simply not myself.  During this reading, the Five of Swords came up in the “present” category.  Here is what it looks like.

5 of swords

I mean, he looks like  real dick, right?  She said – among other deeper concepts – “that’s basically how others see you”.  Welp, that really kicked me into overdrive to get some help and straighten some shit out.  So, did she read my future?  No.  Did she help me alter it?  Yep.  I keep a picture of this card on my desk and on days where I feel a little bitchy I take a good long look and give myself an attitude adjustment.

I get read about once every 3 months or so.  One of my more recent readings included this card… “The World” and it embodied everything I was feeling at the time.  I was feeling like I had a new lease on my life and that the world was my oyster.


In fact, I liked it so much, I had it tattooed on my leg.

When I tell people that I get my Tarot read I get many different reactions from “oh that’s cool” to “I can’t believe you let someone fleece you like that”.  But, for me, it’s been so helpful in keeping me on track in life that I’d never go without it.