I’m not one of those people who are petrified by bees, however, I have been stung numerous times and have no desire to be stung again.  So why head into the literal belly of the best?  Because, why not? Thanks to the good folks at the Seaport Hotel I was given the opportunity to do just that.

September is National Honey Month, and the Seaport Hotel in Boston continues to do its part to support the honey bee population and combat Colony Collapse Disorder – while producing lots of delicious honey for its guests. The hotel accommodates nearly one million bees – THAT’S MILLION WITH A M – and has created specially constructed hives, several feet high, where the bees reside and Seaport staffers have been trained as beekeepers who now care for the hotel’s very special “guests”.

Upon arrival I was greeted by one of the beekeepers who helped me into my beekeeping attire.  I was wearing clothes that would not be considered bee-friendly, to include 4 inch heels.  So… with some clever duct taping we were on our way.

Nailed it.

Off to the roof we go.  It’s freaking hot.  Like the sweat is dripping down the back of my legs hot.  And there are bees everywhere.


It smells of smoke and the hum of swirling insects is louder than I ever anticipated it would be.  The chief beekeeper Edwin Medrano is pulling out frames filled with what looks to be delicious honey and simply covered in bees.  It’s a veritable bee carpet.

He uses the smoke to coax the bees off the frame so they can be transferred to the centrifuge where they spin like a carnival ride until all the sweet cargo drips away.  After this they are used to produce some sweet honey for special recipes and drinks in the hotel’s restaurants TAMO Bistro & Bar and Aura Restaurant, which I will be checking out very soon!