Have you been to SOWA yet?  Yeah, I know, I’m the only one who hasn’t.

Fellow Teacup, Erica and I had a girls day with brunch and shopping on Sunday, and came home with quite the haul!  For those who don’t know, SOWA is really two markets in one.  On one side is the Farmers Market with beautiful and colorful veggies, fruits and flowers, and the other is the  Arts and Crafts Market filled with vendors of all kinds!

After perusing all the veggies, we found the mushroom man.  I don’t think that’s his name, but its an apt moniker as he knows EVERYTHING about ‘shrooms.  He was from Mycoterra Farms and had a few types of fungi for sale including a mushroom growing kit where you can just add water and BOOM you have mushrooms.  I purchased some shiitakes, Erica got some other kind I cannot for the life of me remember, and they were DELICIOUS.  Seriously, I got home and threw those bad boys in some butter and put them right in my mouth hole.


Since we were on a health kick, next stop was a zen-filled tent where we got some Buddha Balls.  They are protein filled balls of deliciousness and Charlie, one of the creators of said balls, has a delightful Australian accent and will let you know every ingredient with a smile.  I recommend the Walnut Power balls – walnut, maple and ginger – three great tastes that taste great together.

One of our favorite finds was a tent that looked like my great-aunts attic got emptied out and put on tables.  So many amazing, vintage, strange and wonderful items!   I don’t remember the name of the vendor, but they had old cameras, boxes of old pictures and keys, albums filled with photos from a long since passed vacations, and letters.  We spent so much time there we probably should have bought something.


Other notable stops included Shera Porter designs – I’m obsessed.  She makes purses, wallets and passport covers all out of vegan leather with whimsical stamping.


We also met this sweet young man holding court in the kids area!  He’s the child of the owners of Ser Verde Shoes who were there with their handmade and eco-friendly  Espadrilles and shoes.

Our favorite find of the day??  HANGOVER SHOWER BOMBS.  You heard me right.  They are from Dulse & Rugosa, a mother daughter team from Maine who grow all their own botanicals and seaweads on Gotts Island.  They have skin care, hair care and body care all made with loving care.  Mom, Claire, was there and took time to explain product to us.  I left with a couple of shower bombs, one in peppermint which will wake your ass up (and I get up at 3am, so that’s saying something) and the aforementioned hangover bomb which I’m pretty sure I’ll get use out of this weekend.




And no trip to the SOWA is complete without stopping by milliner extraordinaire, Marie Galvin’s spot.  We tried on hats – why is trying on hats such fun?  Am I alone in this?