Before I begin this post I want to state that I am in no way bashing bloggers – I mean you are reading my blog right now – However, I have learned how much I have to learn.

The immensely talented and genuine nice guy Chef Chris Coombs put together a lunch for some “social media influencers” and gifted us with an amazing spread.  Let me show you the delicious items he and his pastry chef, Shaun Velez put together for us.


I am a sucker for crudo – and this striped bass was unreal.  Straight up fire.  And I’m pretty sure everyone should have lamb for lunch at least once a week.  Ok, maybe not, but I felt pretty darn fancy.


The best part was desert, Shaun brought out a snow cone maker, like you had when you were a kid, and created some snow to cover the colorful plate of fruit.  GENIUS.  Never lose that childhood wonder, I always say.



Ok, let’s get on to why I walked in to lunch feeling like a hundred dollars and walked out feeling like two cents.

I was surrounded by a group of younger folks who hardly spoke.  They were all consumed with taking pictures of their meals.  I was more concerned with wondering how I could get another plate of crudo to shove in my facehole.  They were moving plates all over the restaurant to get better lighting, standing on chairs, creating lighting with other phones, I’ve never seen anything like it.  At one point I looked up from my lamb to see NOONE eating and EVERYONE shooting.  I clearly felt like I was doing something wrong.  I sat next to a delightful gal who runs a blog called Extra Petite.  For obvious reasons, I’ve never read it. She had another woman with her whose job it was to photograph her.  They must have taken 20 pics to get the one that will work (how do I get one of those? I’m lucky if my pictures are in focus, much less pretty)  She asked about my blog.  I told her I was in radio, not really a blogger, I was just friends with Nicole, the PR rep.  We exchanged Insta handles and it was at this point I realized how out-manned I was.  Not only does this woman have someone who takes her picture, she has A HALF A MILLION FOLLOWERS.  That’s not a typo.  I start to ask the other folks around the table what their handles are – and with every check of the Instagram I feel smaller and smaller.

Now, do I think Instagram followers should affect my self-esteem.  No, I don’t.  I have enough hours in therapy logged in to realize what is truly important.  However, it showed me what the future looks like.  And I’m hoping I can still stay in the picture.

Shout out to MustEatBoston and I’m Dating Food for showing me some new tricks. 🙂