I got a concussion about a year or so ago.  It wasn’t massive, but it was a concussion nonetheless.  I stayed out of work for a couple of days, doing the prescribed “no screens, no light” which was a nice treat.  However, they wanted me to stay down for six weeks, which was never going to happen.  The doc told me “you’ll be back”.  She was right.

Since the concussion, I’ve been experiencing nausea and headaches.  I just figured I was stressed out (because have you met me?) but it seems there are larger forces at play so I went to get some help.

I have been seeing Mary Kim Garrity for about two years off and on.  Our first meeting was at my house.  We spoke on the phone and after our chat, she literally said: “let me come to you”.  I think our first two meetings were just me crying and her sitting, listening and doing some remarkable energy work.  She has helped me with my bipolar swings, with my anxiety, she even came backstage before my one-woman show to help me center.  (In my life I’ve never felt so bougie – but it worked)  She has become not just a healer but a sister.  I fully believe we are connected at a higher level – I don’t care what you believe – if you see the two of us in the same room, you can see it.

I am clumsy.  I’ve never been graceful.  I make people stand in front of me when I walk down staircases – I’ve just always felt a little at odds with my body.  So Mary decided to set up a protocol and we got started.  I had no idea what I was walking in to.  No more dark room with soothing music.  No more warm blanket.  Nope, this was work.

I am not an expert, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I am not even going to try to give you the science behind what we did, I’m going to give you my take.  But first, here is a bit about Mary.


Mary has seen the need and created treatment regimens that improve how the brain and muscular-skeletal system work together to enhance movement, balance, and agility—training that benefits athletes, the injured, and those suffering from chronic pain. She also has created therapies that focus on vision— improving depth perception and ensuring that both eyes are strong and working together—critical training for athletes. Mary understands that the eyes are the gateway to the brain, and mind and body must be in sync for movement. Without that, people succumb to injury and chronic pain.


Yes, my eyes got the workout.  And it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  First she used a tuning fork and placed it on my face in different places and asked me to tell her when the sound stopped.  When I first started I could not hear it for very long at all.  She also used a brush along my forehead and I could barely feel it.




So, at this point, she started on my eyes.  One of my eyes wasn’t dilating properly and for lack of the fancy words, my eyes weren’t communicating with the rest of me.




After this, I moved to another practitioner who had me stand still with my eyes closed.  A normal response is to sway a bit right and left, I was going in circles.  Which, again, meant my eyes weren’t talking to the parts of my body that needed help.  This began a very difficult exercise – standing on an exercise ball holding onto handles and trying to stand tall with my eyes closed.  Not.  Fun.  But by the end, I was as centered as I was going to be on that visit.



So, next week I’m back for round two.

I love that I found Mary and that she works with me on helping my body help itself.  I take enough meds every day for my myriad mental health issues, I’d prefer not to take any more if I can help it.  I feel our medical system has us thinking that the only way we have a successful doctors visit is if we leave with a prescription.  We can heal ourselves if we find the right guide.  I’m thankful for Mary being that guide.