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I talk on the radio. I love a good road trip. I want to see the world. I read books made from paper. There are not enough cute shoes in my closet.

That Time I Said Goodbye To My Exes, And The Lengths I Went To Do So.

I’m a holder-oner to memories.  I OD on nostalgia.  Sometimes it’s like the only way I look is back.  I keep things with me longer than I should.  I honestly think this stems from the fact that I don't have... Continue Reading →

That Time I Tried To Find Balance And Realized I Had None.

I got a concussion about a year or so ago.  It wasn't massive, but it was a concussion nonetheless.  I stayed out of work for a couple of days, doing the prescribed "no screens, no light" which was a nice... Continue Reading →

That Time I Got Naked In Front of Strangers…

And I paid for the privilege... So picture this.  I have scheduled a weeks vacation, but I didn't plan anything as I thought that SURELY I'd have someone to go with me.  As the date approached with great quickness, I... Continue Reading →

That Time I Had To Get Back On Dating Apps – And It Killed My Soul

Single again.  Stop me if you've heard this one before.  So, rather than sit around and mope I decided to put the fate of my love in the hands of the Russians, or whoever is controlling the internet these days... Continue Reading →

That Time I Watched a RomCom and It Made Me Reevaluate My Whole Life…

I am not a girly girl.  I have never been a big fan of romantic movies with happy endings.  Couldn't really tell you why, I suppose we could lay down on the couch and psychoanalyze the "why's" but I'm pretty... Continue Reading →

That Time I Had A Scalpel Pulled On Me…

No, I wasn't robbed.  I was given the gift of beautiful skin, but as the name of the treatment suggests, the WRKOUT from Alexis Robertson of SKNGYM was anything but a relaxing facial.  It's work. However, I'm not getting any... Continue Reading →

That Time I Realized I’m Not Cool…

Before I begin this post I want to state that I am in no way bashing bloggers - I mean you are reading my blog right now - However, I have learned how much I have to learn. The immensely... Continue Reading →

That Time A Spray Tan Made Me Live My Best Life…

I am a pale girl.  I am one of those people who never tan.  I burn.  No burn then tan... nope - full on burn and maybe a freckle or two.  I did my time in tanning beds back in... Continue Reading →

That Time I Decided to be a Hiker…

Once every couple of years I do a solo vacation.  One that pushes my boundaries, scares me a little and gives me a new view on my life.  This year I'm climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!  Yes, Kennedy is coming for "everyman... Continue Reading →

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