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That Time I Got Naked In Front of Strangers…

And I paid for the privilege... So picture this.  I have scheduled a weeks vacation, but I didn't plan anything as I thought that SURELY I'd have someone to go with me.  As the date approached with great quickness, I... Continue Reading →

That Time I Decided to be a Hiker…

Once every couple of years I do a solo vacation.  One that pushes my boundaries, scares me a little and gives me a new view on my life.  This year I'm climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!  Yes, Kennedy is coming for "everyman... Continue Reading →

I’ve Meditated for Three Days and People, I AM CHANGED.

So you know when you try something new and within one day you have decided to become the master?  Like you run a mile and then say "I'm running the Boston Marathon this year" or you eat one salad and... Continue Reading →

That Time I Willingly Walked Into A Swarm Of Bees…

I'm not one of those people who are petrified by bees, however, I have been stung numerous times and have no desire to be stung again.  So why head into the literal belly of the best?  Because, why not? Thanks... Continue Reading →

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