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That Time I Checked Myself Into A Hospital… Day Two

  This is a multi-part story from my journal about my ten-day experience in a hospital that focuses on depression and anxiety and my participation in my healing. The people I met, the food I ate, and the treatments I... Continue Reading →

That Time I Said Goodbye To My Exes, And The Lengths I Went To Do So.

I’m a holder-oner to memories.  I OD on nostalgia.  Sometimes it’s like the only way I look is back.  I keep things with me longer than I should.  I honestly think this stems from the fact that I don't have... Continue Reading →

That Time I Tried To Find Balance And Realized I Had None.

I got a concussion about a year or so ago.  It wasn't massive, but it was a concussion nonetheless.  I stayed out of work for a couple of days, doing the prescribed "no screens, no light" which was a nice... Continue Reading →

That Time I Willingly Walked Into A Swarm Of Bees…

I'm not one of those people who are petrified by bees, however, I have been stung numerous times and have no desire to be stung again.  So why head into the literal belly of the best?  Because, why not? Thanks... Continue Reading →

That Time Bacon Made Me Laugh

  I decided to go vegan on my birthday in March.  It lasted about 3 months.  I still try to eat as "plant-based" as I can, however, sometimes Andy Husbands opens up a BBQ joint and you have to get... Continue Reading →

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