Just a city girl making the world her oyster…

That Time I Decided to be a Hiker…

Once every couple of years I do a solo vacation.  One that pushes my boundaries, scares me a little and gives me a new view on my life.  This year I'm climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!  Yes, Kennedy is coming for "everyman... Continue Reading →

I’ve Meditated for Three Days and People, I AM CHANGED.

So you know when you try something new and within one day you have decided to become the master?  Like you run a mile and then say "I'm running the Boston Marathon this year" or you eat one salad and... Continue Reading →

That Time I Tried Mindfulness and Called the Elevator a Mother######.

I want to be very clear about something.  I love mindfulness.  I love finding out about my inner stuff.  I'm open to everything.  However, I have also found, turning my city girl off and my spiritual girl on takes a... Continue Reading →

Teacups do SOWA

Have you been to SOWA yet?  Yeah, I know, I'm the only one who hasn't. Fellow Teacup, Erica and I had a girls day with brunch and shopping on Sunday, and came home with quite the haul!  For those who... Continue Reading →

That Time I Willingly Walked Into A Swarm Of Bees…

I'm not one of those people who are petrified by bees, however, I have been stung numerous times and have no desire to be stung again.  So why head into the literal belly of the best?  Because, why not? Thanks... Continue Reading →

Why I Get My Tarot Read…

  I have done many things to forward my spiritual journey in this life.  I'm of the mind that I'll try anything if it gives me value, teaches me something about myself, or enables me to identify why I'm such... Continue Reading →

That Time Bacon Made Me Laugh

  I decided to go vegan on my birthday in March.  It lasted about 3 months.  I still try to eat as "plant-based" as I can, however, sometimes Andy Husbands opens up a BBQ joint and you have to get... Continue Reading →

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